CB-27 Handheld 27MHz CB Radio

CB-27 Handheld 27MHz CB Radio


* Die-cast frame with high–impact case.

* Operating Channel: 256 channels for 6 banks.

* TX Power: FM 4W Power Output (7W expandable).

* Frequency range: 26~28 MHz (expandable).

* IP-54 water reistance (waterproof is option).

* Meet ETSI 300-135 & other standard.

* Wide range squelch function with 6 level.

* PC Programmable with RS232C.

* Optional Function: Auto Noise Squelch.


Technical Specification: 
Frequency Range26 ~ 28MHz.
Frequency ControlPhase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesizer.
Channel spacing 10KHz
Modulation modeAM/ FM
Frequency Stability± 0.005 %
Channel step5/10KHz
Maximum channel256 channels
Operating Temperature Range-25°C to +50°C
Power Supply7.4VDC 2100mAH Li-Ion rechargable battery
Working Voltage6.8~8.4V
Antenna ConnectorTNC with 50 ohms
WeightAbout 250g(Including battery)
AM / FM Power OutputFM: 1/4W (7W expandable)
AM: Carry power 1/3W with 50% modulation
Spurious Emissions-55 dB.
Carrier Suppression-55 dB.
Audio Frequency Response300Hz to 2.5KHz
Max. ModulationFM: +/- 2KHz
                                        AM: 1W with 90% & 3W with 50%
AM Sensitivity For 20dB S/N< 1.0 μV.
FM Sensitivity For 20dB S/N < 0.4 μV.
Image Rejection Ratio> -65 dB.
Adjacent Channel Selectivity> -55 dB.
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Figure of Merit100 mV for 10 dB Change in Audio Output.
Squelch Adjustable6 Levels
Audio Output Power> 0.5W
Signal to noise ratio> 40db
Internal Speaker8 Ohms; 1 Watts.

Optional Accessory

MP-01 Car-Adapter

MC-500 Car-Charger


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