MSR-400 Scanner Radio


*Full VHF & UHF Band

*Low VHF Band, FM radio & Aircraft band are option

*High sensitivity & meet FCC standard

* Built-in PL & DPL Tone Squelch

* Programmable by PC, Key Pads,

* Use 3 PCS UM-4 battery

* With low battery indicator, Level Meter, back light, 

    Technical Specifications
Frequency RangeBANK1: 25~54MHz, 136~174MHz, 176~520MHz,
BANK2: 88~108MHz (FM Radio option)
BANK3: 108~134MHZ (Aircraft AM Band, option)
Number of Channel100 (to be program each bank)
Channel Spacing10K/ 12.5K/ 25KHz
Modulation TypeAM/FM
Operating Range3.0~5V
Nominal Input Voltage4.5V
Antenna Impedance50 ohm (SMA type)
Weight (including antenna)About 110g
Stability in -20~ +55±2.5ppm
Battery Pack3 PCS UM-4 battery
Tone SquelchPL & DPL tone (option)
Battery operating timeMore than 6 hours
Scan rate (w/o PL or DPL Tone)10 channels/ second
Program FunctionBY PC, Key Pads
Special FunctionBattery Capacity (Low Battery) Indicator, Level Meter, LCD Back light, --- etc
Sensitivity 12db SINDAD< -120dbm
Adjacent Channel Selectivity> 60 db
Spurious Response Rejection> 65 db
Signal to Noise Ratio> 40 db
Audio Output Power> 0.3W

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